You Donít Have to be an Expert to Choose the Right Wood Burning Fire Pit

Do you dream of spending endless fall evenings in your outdoor space in front of a roaring wood burning fire pit?† Along with a mug of hot chocolate, a few beers or even a dose of cognac (and the right company of course!) A wood burning fire pit is basically a campfire ring taken to the next level. Those who appreciate the old fashioned wood burner will no doubt have their own memories to rekindle from childhood. They will no doubt long to create new ones with their own offspring and loved ones.

There are many different varieties of wood burning fire pits to choose from Ė the main question being whether it should be a permanent fixture or a portable fire pit. However, you don’t need to be an expert landscaper or builder to create a permanent fire pit. All you need is a little creativity, some research into a few key local laws and away you go!


If you are building your own fire pit, its important to use fire resistant materials such as thick steel rings, firebricks and mortar. Standard building bricks, for example, can crack or even explode and need to be replaced constantly. So, save your time and money and go straight for the best materials. Also try to avoid adhesives as they can create unhealthy fumes.


When building a fire pit check with the local authorities on any regulations and requirements that must be followed (dimensions and distance from property, which materials can be burnt, location etc).

Choose the exact spot you will put your outdoor fire pit carefully – leave enough clearance from the house or any other object. Ensure that all materials are removed that can easily catch fire (organics like leaves, dry grass or an overhanging tree or a near bush). And in order to prevent an accidental fire, you should place the fire pit on top of a fire-resistant surface.

A good idea is to raise the fire pit above the ground so its visible, to avoid an accidental fall. Wind protection (which doubles as a human protector) is also advised. You can buy a fire pit with a shield or build your own low barrier to surround the pit. It is also a good idea to add a safety screen in the design to restrain flames or sparks.

†Other advantages of a DIY wood burning fire pit:

  1. Lower cost than a ready made product.†If construction or building materials are left over from another project, the cost is much lower.
  2. Ability to reuse or recycle old materials.†A fire pit can be made from any heat resistant, non-flammable material, such as stone, brick, concrete, iron, or clay.
  3. A chance to use your creativity and create a unique design.†People who want something different or personalized- that is not available in stores- have the option of creating their own fire pit, coordinated with the homeís exterior, a deck, or other exterior features. 4.
  4. Pride in a completed, attractive project.†It can be satisfying to know your fire pit was created with your own hands, using your own ideas and designs.ohio_flame_fire_pit

There are a few ways to make your own fire pit:

  • You can select one of the attractive diy fireplace pit kits available from a retailer.
  • You can use your own design from scratch.
  • Another alternative is to purchase a DIY gas fire pit kit and make your own base or exterior. This can be done from materials you have†around the house.

Wood Burning Fire Pits “Off The Peg”

There are a multitude of wood burning fire pits for sale, including fire pit tables to free standing bowls. Design is personal; you may like the modern look or perhaps a rustic bowl. These types of fire pits are the easiest to purchase and set up Ė often there is no set up at all. All you have to do is buy some wood! A family may prefer a wood burning bowl. These can be situated away from the house for roasting marshmallows etc. They can also be moved around the patio area or even taken away camping. Others may prefer a fire pit situated in the entertaining area of the outdoor space, for maximum ambiance.

Some off the peg fire pits and bowls come with pokers and spark screens to protect humans from sparks. They also act as a wind shield. Most pits are made from sturdy cast iron and come in a range of finishes such as steel or rust. Some manufacturers even offer made-to-order designs which can be personalized such as the Collegiate fire pits by Patina Products.

Other designs include unusual bases and bowl design such as those from Ohio Flame.which include curved bases, angular bases and Artisan designs. Those from Fire Pit Art focus on the cut outs within the actual bowl – “Asia” “Beachcomber” and “Beach” being just a few on offer.

Whatever you choose – whether it is an off the peg put or you decide to carry out a little DIY, be sure to follow the preliminary steps and you will look like an expert (even if you think you are not!).

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