How Has The Outdoor Living Space

Changed Since Our Parent’s Days?

The outdoor living space has changed somewhat from our parents days; we take pride in it’s functionality and design and is no longer just where the kids play . It can be used as a focal point for the family to spend quality time together – sharing precious moments which are usually restricted to vacation time. Roasting marshmallows, listening to music, even watching the game on tv whilst huddled around the fire pit can be a very bonding experience. It can also become an oasis or retreat for private moments or even a tranquil work station.

Back in our parent’s day, the outdoor living space was a place to throw the kids out to when there were parent jobs to be done. You were lucky if you had some grass to play ball sports – and it was carefully cared for by the new leaf blower! Home grown vegetables were popular, so an area to grow them took up much of the outdoor space. Fruit trees, herbs and shrubs were all popular and a sign of the family’s wealth but left little space for utilizing the outdoor living space for relaxing, socializing and eating. Even the washing line was a prominent fixture!garden 1960s

Nowadays, creating a lifestyle via the outdoor living space is seen as the way to improve curb appeal. Outdoor areas are now seen as an essential extension to the home. Standard expectations include having the ability to cook (outdoor kitchens are the latest in-demand design criteria), entertain and relax. At the very least. there is typically a bbq, often a fire pit and more and more frequent we are seeing outdoor kitchens and water features as standard in outdoor living spaces.

outdoor living area

Things to Consider

If you are looking to upgrade your outdoor living space and create an extension to your home, there are several factors to consider before you embark. You will need to firstly design your space and choose your furniture and accessories to transform your outdoor space from 1970’s drab and dull to vibrant and inviting:
  • What will its main use be? Socializing or primarily for private use? Make a list of what you want to be able to do in the space eg) Prepare a meal or have simple bbqs?
  • Are you seeking a level of comfort comparable to your home or merely looking to furnish your patio area?
  • What “feel” are you looking to create? What is the common mood you are seeking to create here?
  • Consider what you want the “focal point” to be. This should be the most important and perhaps most expensive purchase and everything else follows on from this. It could be a fire pit table or a water feature.
  • Are you looking for all year round use or just for the few summer months?
  • Finally, budget considerations.

The Basics

Once you have decided upon what you are striving to achieve, lets look at what the basics you will need to create a space which is a little more than an area to grill:
  • Outdoor furniture (to relax on, for informal chats)
  • Fire pit/ table (to create ambiance and minimize the chill factor when the temperature drops) 
  • Water feature (optional but the sound is sooo relaxing and tranquil)
  • Outdoor dining set 
  • Hammock (for the ultimate in “me” time)
  • Patio heater (for extra chilly evenings)
  • Accessories to “soften” and enhance the overall theme such as; wind chimes, candles, lanterns, string lighting, cushions, outdoor rugs etc.
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