Fire Pit Tables

Dining, and relaxing around an open fire is the highlight of many evenings spent socializing with guests and loved ones. Traditional gas and wood burning fire pits have been around for years,  however the latest development in the world of fire pits is gas fire pit tables.  They are arguably the most stylish fire pits available and can range from merely functional to those with the “wow!” factor.  They are the  trend in outdoor furnishings and therefore there are many styles to choose from. A fire pit table is unique in that it doubles up as a piece of furniture.

Romantic fire pit tables

The aim of a simple fire pit is to keep a fire controlled and contained in one area and make it safe – even in small courtyards. It enables you to enjoy your beautiful outdoor living space -which you have worked hard to beautify and personalize – during most of the year. Ambiance is created by having your fire pit alongside your dining or socializing area.  As well as offering other favorable attributes such as supplying additional lighting and functional heat.

Fire Pit Height

Fire pit tables consist of 4 basic heights:

  • Dining height: Typically accommodates dining chairs.
  • Counter height: Great for informal get-together where guests stand around or sit at bar stools.
  • Occasional height: Lowest height which pairs with deep seating patio furniture.
  • Chat height: A little taller than Occasional height, ideal for “chats” around the fire pit table which may incorporate taller, more formal patio furniture.

Choosing a table size and height is dependent on the main use you intend to use it for; dinner parties come alive with an elegant patio f?r? pit table at dining height. M??t dining fire pit tables have ample space for dinner plates, dishes and glasses, with the flames contained by a protective mesh dome so you and your guests are safely protected from sparks.

Other heights such as “occasional” or “chat” height, create a stunning centerpiece to conversation, cocktails or coffee.

Standard or Convertible?

Fire pit tables are available as “standard” – whereby the fire ring is uncovered – or “convertible” which includes a cover that fits over the fire ring concealing it. This enables you to use it as a table alone. These tables are usually circular or square in shape and ??n be made from a variety of materials including cast-aluminium, marble, slate and steel.

Some styles are sold with a grill tool which fits nicely above the fire pit, enabling you to grill food such as kebabs or even s’mores whilst remaining seated in your comfortable furniture.

Gas burning tables are more common than wood burning and are perfect for those living in areas where wood burning ?? not permitted. Th?? ??n be connected to the home’s gas supply or run off a connected propane gas tank.  Gas fire tables are easy to light, with many having an electric ignition. Wood burning models are available to those who desire an authentic, classic smell and feel.

Fire Media

There is a wide range of fire media to choose from when deciding upon a gas fire table design – ranging from pebbles, glass, ceramic logs or lava. The flames are built into the middle of a table, providing a beautiful ambiance and warmth.

fire pit tables can be impressive

When deciding upon a chosen fire media, there are so many colors to choose from that you will no doubt find one which fits perfectly into your existing décor. Choose one color or mix a few together to give your fire pit table a unique design twist. You can even add some reflective glass to really add some sparkle and wow!  As with most things, there are advantages to each choice:


  • Glass provides a jagged crystal look and appears as crushed glass. It has the advantage of being pollution free, retains heat extremely well and lasts a lifetime. Glass also traditionally uses less gas than lava rock or ceramic logs. It comes in a variety of sizes and colors and Eco –friendly options which is recycled glass.
  • Traditional wood logs offer the authentic fire pit experience; the warmth, crackle of wood and real smoke appeal. All whilst being completely contained.
  • Reflective fire glass- like classic fire glass with reflective qualities, intensifying flames and producing an attractive flame display. It reflects the sun during the day which gives it a beauty without flames.
  • Fire Beads are similar to glass but “bead shaped”. Flames move underneath their small , oval shape creating a uniform, “fluid” appearance to your flames. Like fire glass, it comes in a recycled version “eco fire glass” which is melted glass fused together into small, bead shapes.
  • Lava rocks/ coals – Heat resistant volcanic rock which is black and in stark contrast to flames. Coals are generally irregularly shaped and relatively large. They offer a natural earthiness to your table. Lava rocks are popular with traditional fire pit dwellers as they are used to cook with due to their heat retention properties. They are porous, with small holes throughout the rock. This makes them an ideal heat retainer
  • Ceramic logs require ventilation – which is no problem when using them for outdoor fire pit tables. However, they are generally considered the most expensive option and also the least heat-generating. Only for those who are hell-bent on having a traditional looking fire on their table.

Questions to Ask Yourself:

Some questions to ask yourself before choosing a design are; “How will I use the fire pit?” and also “How will I spend time using my fire pit?”. The latter may include the primary aim of entertaining and therefore you may wish it to be the center piece of your outdoor living area. Alternatively you may want to spend peaceful time alone with the mesmerizing flames.

fire pit table minimalist

The design may already be influenced by your current style within your area whether it be modern, rustic or traditional. Choices are offered in finish of the actual table (the “bottom” of the fire pit under the flames) and also the top.

If you want to use the fire pit table for serving food or drinks, choose your flame strength wisely. They are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs:

What Size?

Measure the space in which you plan to put your table. Then decide whether the space is best suited to a round, square, rectangular, or expanding table.

Square: The perfect shape for an intimate 4 person lounge area with comfortable furniture.

Rectangle: Great for larger groups for dining or a good shape for placing in front of a sofa.

Round: Ideal for groups to informally gather around.

Whatever your preference, there are a multitude of fire pit tables on offer. Create a stunning focal point to your outdoor space and deliver the warmth and ambiance to really set a mood when entertaining or spending time with loved ones.