About Us


“Create a unique place in your home where you can share time and create memories with your loved ones, and your relationships will flourish”. – Vicky Hines, founder of Exclusive Outdoor Living

Our modern lives are not only busier than ever outside of the home, but also within the home. There are so many distractions to contend with that spending time “together” is now extremely rare and we wonder why communications and relationships break down more than ever.

I know my family went through a prolonged period where we were often spending time alone in the same house.  TV, social media, video games and disjointed meal times meant that we barely spoke to one another despite being home together. 

I wanted to find a way to encourage my family to “want” to spend time together again. Going out together was difficult because we were all so busy. It had to be a special place within the home.

I decided to design an outdoor area- away from the distractions - which reflected their current interests.  I designed a few "entertainment zones" which appealed to all members of the family:

  • TV for sports games and family movie night
  • A fire pit for family gatherings, marshmallow roasting, storytelling etc
  • A relaxation area with a hammock and a water feature
  • A dining area for eating together or hosting coffee mornings
  • A welcoming bar area for informal gatherings,  watching sports etc

And the best thing of all is this was literally on our doorstep. 

I created Exclusive Outdoor Living to bring together all of these products under one “roof”, making it easy for the busy family to create a tailor-made outdoor area. Coupled with helpful articles and blogs, awesome customer service and FREE shipping – why would you go anywhere else?

We have a wide range of styles and brands to choose from to suit any budget and we offer FREE shipping on orders over $45 and a huge 90 Day Returns policy.

If you join the VIP Club you'll receive 10% off on your first order AND Exclusive Discounts every month on a variety of products.