6 Things You Need To Consider Before

Purchasing a Propane Fire Pit

Propane fire pit


A propane fire pit is a great addition to any family’s home. Never again will you have to load up the minivan to drive to a local cabin to roast marshmallows. The entire family can enjoy an outdoor getaway without ever leaving the comfort of home. Weekends are more exciting – roasting s’mores is now simple and available at the touch of a button. Socializing becomes more enjoyable with a beautiful focal point which creates warmth and ambiance. Your guests will never go home smelling of wood burning!†Installing a propane fire pit table will create the same mesmerizing flames as a polluting and time consuming wood-burner, all at the touch of a button and odor-free.

A trending product among homeowners, propane fire pits are transforming backyards into creatively designed social hubs where families and friends can spend more time together regardless of the season or the weather. However, before you invest in a propane fire pit for your own home, here are 6 things to consider to ensure that you choose the perfect option:

propane fire pit table

1.Outdoor Space Size.

Some propane fire pits are exquisite and can completely transform a backyard. However,† you should ask yourself “do we have a space large enough for this fire pit?” Accurate measurements of your patio and property are vital. Ensure there is a 10 to 20 foot gap between the pit and the any structure, tree, shrub or any flammable material. This is the absolute minimum. Remember flames can spark and reach much higher in the air that you may assume.†Where you place a fire pit is very important.†

You also need to think about the safety of those who will be sitting near the fire table. There should be enough clearance to avoid injuries. When in doubt, if you are planning in sitting fairly close to the fire pit, always go for a more modest fire pit to ensure the safety of your family and guests.


propane fire pit table


2.Where you live

Gas fueled fire pit†tables†are more common than wood burning and are perfect for those living in areas where wood burning ?? not permitted. Be sure to check out your local authorities rules and regulations as propane fuel may the only option available to you. In some areas you are able to connect a gas fire pit to your natural gas supply supply but again check what is available to you and also ensure you employ a professional if you choose to connect to natural gas.

3. Fire Media

There is a wide range of fire media to choose from when deciding upon a gas fire table design – ranging from pebbles, glass, ceramic logs or lava. The flames are built into the middle of a table, providing a beautiful ambiance and warmth. Your choice will be personal – typically those looking for a modern look will go for fire glass. For a more classic look, the natural beauty of lava rock or ceramic logs are popular. One big advantage of fire glass is that it is generally bought for life.


Stunning fire pit table with glass


In order to comply with fire safety codes and to ensure that your fire pit does not cause an actual fire in your yard, you will need to have masonry beneath your propane pit. While it is not a difficult task to tackle , it will take a weekend to fully finish your foundation. This allows for drying time and getting the design right. Itís best to set a portable fire pit atop a natural surface such as concrete, stone, gravel, brick or slate or on a fire-resistant composite, as a wood deck can be dangerous if embers fly.


5.Gas Costs.

Propane Fire pit table for entertaining

The larger the propane heater that you choose, the more gas it will require to operate. The more gas that a propane pit requires, the higher your family’s propane bill will be. If your family is on a budget, this is a very important thing to consider in choosing the right fire pit for your family.

Smaller propane pits are a great choice for families who are conscious of their expenses. A small pit will mean a smaller propane bill, however,† smaller pit does not have to mean a lackluster backyard space. The money that you save on your propane bill, your family can put towards higher quality masonry and backyard decor.

Propane fire pit

6.Pricier Is Not Always Better.

It can be easy to† think that the more an item costs, the better it will operate. However, there are many less inexpensive fire pits that are just as effective and high quality as those that are costly. A good way to decide if a pit is a good option for your family is to read its reviews. Reviews are a great way to learn what to expect from an item before you take it home.

Which fire pit will work best for your home will be unique to each family. It will be dependent on many factors and fire safety will always need to be considered. Anytime that you make a purchase that is so important, always do your research. Read the item details and don’t skip reading the reviews. With careful consideration, you will find the fire pit that is perfect for your family to enjoy for a lifetime.